“Shot on iPhone 6”

You’ve probably seen the adds on billboards, in magazines or in other media. Apple is promoting the iPhone 6 camera’s leap in quality.  In my case I was heading across the elevated highway that connects West Seattle to Seattle proper when I first saw this photo on a huge billboard.


“Shot on iPhone 6”

I’m pretty sure this is the photo on the billboard — I lifted it from Apple’s own website. You can sample more of the photos from the add campaign’s website here.

As for me, for all the picture on this blog I’ve been shooting with my used (and slightly beat up) Cannon G10 camera.


Note the crack in the upper left of the LCD viewfinder

It’s a great little point and shoot camera with lots of flexibility and options. But just this past week I decided to give the iPhone 5 in my pocket a shot at photographing my garden. That billboard on Seattle’s Spokane Street viaduct had the desired effect, percolating in my consciousness every time I drove into the city.

So while it’s not a “6,” my iPhone 5C produced all the following shots taken in the last few days of glorious May weather.

Iris tenax

Iris tenax “Oregon Iris”

melianthus leaf after a brief shower

Melianthus leaf after a brief shower

hardy geranium

Variegated Hardy Geranium ‘white cultivar with pale blue striation’

Why I love hardy geraniums? Find out more in this post.

Tight shot of Saxifrage flowers

Tight shot of Saxifrage flowers

Shady spot under our old apple tree

Shady spot under our old apple tree