Happy New Year and a Nod to 2015

After a wet and mostly warm December, the last few days have been crisp, cold and cloudless. The first morning of 2016 proved perfect for grabbing pictures of new snow on the Cascade and Olympics.


Morning view of the Olympic Mountains

The garden didn’t disappoint either.

Hellebore: January 1, 2016

Hellebore: January 1, 2016

Later this morning I decided to sort through my 2015 pictures and post a few.


Frosty Fragaria chiloensis and Kinnikinick : December, 31, 2015


Buds of Pink Crimson Flag enjoying the rain, November, 2015


Olive: Olea europaea ‘Arbequina,’ September, 2015

Hansa Rose

Rosa ‘Hansa’ July, 2015


June 2015


Campanula cultivar May, 2015

New buds on branch of red twig dogwood cultivar, Jan, 2015

New buds on branch of red twig dogwood cultivar Jan, 2015