Yesterday,  while walking in a West Seattle neighborhood admiring the small front-yard gardens I made a new year’s resolution (albeit rather late) to write more blog posts. In the world of digital photography “resolution” has other meanings, including the camera’s ability to print a larger size photograph or poster by delivering more pixels per inch.

Euphorbia escaping from a bunch of crocuses

Euphorbia branch flees crocus colony

Since my last post was January 1st and today is February 28th, this may prove to be yet another new year’s resolution that comes to naught. We will see.  As a self-described plant geek, you would think I could make time to write more about plants.

Here’s my plan to succeed. Five weekly posts will be in a new category (not yet named-suggestions welcomed), which I define as simply walking about my garden, my neighborhood, Vashon Island and the greater Seattle area with my iPhone or Cannon G-10 in hand.

Two garden blogger memes:  In a Vase on Monday and Wordless Wednesdays will round out the week’s remaining two posts.  Wish me luck. Better yet wish me the discipline and resolve required to post regularly.


Clematis armandii blossom opens amid buds on a spring-like day in February

Definitely an early or even a false spring in the city of Seattle

Evidence of a February spring in the city of Seattle

Walking around West Seattle made it clear to me that all the concrete, asphalt, and buildings of a city retain heat and make for an even earlier spring than my Vashon garden enjoys at 350 feet above Puget Sound.