Rain Garden Arts specializes in alpines, northwest natives and herbaceous perennials. My small plant collection contains plants that possess outstanding attributes for northwest gardens.  A few featured plants push the boundaries for USDA Zone 8b and are included in my “Zonal Denial” category.  I propagate many of the plants featured on the blog.

All plant photos  — unless noted in the caption as a stock photo — are from the garden.  Plants featured on the blog are usually available for trade. My garden is located on Vashon Island, which lies in Puget Sound just west of Seattle, Washington in the United States.

The blog aims to:

  • Feature plants that are remarkable, either in their history or in some garden-worthy or cultivation-worthy aspect.
  • Tell stories of remarkable gardeners, plant collectors and horticulturists that are not widely known.
  • Connect with other plant-a-holics to share our passion for gardens, plants and the natural world.
  • Provide a traditional index, as an alternative to the usual search function, because the serendipity of browsing an index online cannot be duplicated by search.  An index may take you where you haven’t thought you would be headed (only one of its features- for more benefits of an index visit Vashon Island Wordwrights).

Andrea and I are committed to sustainable practices:  Besides ornamentals, natives and alpines, our property features a rain garden, a kitchen garden, solar panels and rain barrels for water catchment. I’m also involved in our local animal rescue group, volunteering with the dog team. Occasionally dogs available for adoption will be featured on the blog.


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