My seven year old Wisteria had me, well, stumped!  Why?  Because co-existing happily with lichen, which I’ve never minded on the trunk and branches, are these rather unsightly protuberances.


March, 2014: Growth at near base of Wisteria trunk

Almost two years ago I planned to write a post to see if any fellow gardeners had a similar experience. But I forgot all about it and this post languished in my drafts folder.

Different portions of its trunk seem to have succumbed to this slowly metastasizing invader. It’s as if a symbiotic tumor is colonizing the trunk and branches.

The growths began sometime ago (2011?) and continued to make progress. At first I thought it was contained to the base of the Wisteria, where perhaps the cultivar was grafted to a different root stock. This cultivar, Wisteria sinensis ‘Cookes Purple,’ was touted as a Wisteria that requires no support and would be happy to make a freestanding focal point. I had always planned to plant it somewhere in the garden, but it still languishes in a large pot


March 2014

I hardly paid any attention to these bumps, since it didn’t seem to effect the health of the plant in any discernible way. The predominant and larger outbreaks were on the base of the trunk. I totally ignored them, in fact, forgot about them until today.


Same trunk today


December 30, 2015: soggy and now without its host.

That’s when after weeks of heavy rain I was inspired by today’s cold sunny weather to finally start some badly needed winter clean up.

I was picking out the cilantro that’s volunteered in the base of the wisteria’s pot, when I grabbed one of the now soggy protuberances and lo and behold it came off easily in my hand!

I removed a few others to have a closer look. Here’s a good example:


I haven’t a clue as to why or how these aliens got a foothold on my wisteria. If you know, please leave a comment.


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