Febrile February?

This month just might prove to be the warmest February on record for the Seattle area. And wetter too!  By February tenth we had already exceeded the average precipitation for the month (3.75″ vs 3.50″ average).  It’s 3 PM as I write and about 60° F. in my yard (time to mow the lawn); the temps in the city of Seattle are above 65° F., which to my mind is downright feverish.


Primula allionii x pubescens hybrid ‘Wharfdale Ling’

I haven’t really paid close attention to the weather statistics until today, but some my plants have definitely been showing evidence they are ahead of schedule.  This little alpine primula cross was outside all winter under a bench, but still able to get a bit of moisture.  Two years ago it didn’t bloom heavily until mid-March.

A rosemary plant in a clay pot had the benefit of my greenhouse and is very happily blooming at the same time as the Hellebores.


The dwarf red twig dogwood (below) is showing some nice red stems, which I believe is what it’s expected to do over the winter; perhaps it will leaf out earlier this year.


Mexican feather grass, red twig dogwood, Hinoki cypress

The Mexican feather grass in the foreground doesn’t look bad, but probably should be trimmed back to get ready for the real spring.

I’m not sure if the Camellia japonica in my garden is that early, since these two blooms are just out while the rest of the plant is still in buds.


This mature plant, about seven feet high is usually quite early, but right now it’s blooming at the same time as C. sasanqua, the winter blooming Camellia.

What’s blooming in your February garden?

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