Color in the Garden: Erigeron Canary Bird

I’m officially mildly red-green color blind.  As I understand this deficiency is quite common in males and really not much of a disability.  And yes, I can distinguish red and green traffic lights with no problem, the real differences between the red-green color blind and other folks’ color perceptions are more difficult to explain .  That said, I struggle mightily to perceive the green number two hidden in the dots below.

plate with 2I suspect each and every one of us perceives color slightly differently.   But in the fall landscape, especially at a distance, I’ll lose the reddening leaves in the surrounding green.

Lately, I’ve been enthralled with yellow.  Plenty of alpine plants, sedums in particular, have stunning yellow blooms. Others, like this little Erigeron ‘Canary Bird’ also make  fine trough plants.

Erigeron Canary Bird

Erigeron ‘Canary Bird’

E canary bird

Erigeron ‘Canary Bird’

The open blooms above are starting to fade, the yellow is less pale when the daisy like flower just opens.  Canary Bird is a “sport” of Erigeron aureus, which is a Washington State native found in and around Mt Ranier and the North Cascades.  Distribution maps show the plant ranging into the Canadian Cascades.

Like many American alpines, British enthusiasts are credited with popularizing this sterile cultivar of Erigeron aureus.  The form Canary Bird appears to me more compact than the species.  Jim Jermyn an alpine enthusiast and author from Scotland has a very interesting post on just who was involved, including two folks with the avian sounding names of “Birdie” and “Drake.”

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